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About Dan

We’re not going through the motions, we’re getting results. My workouts are driven by experience, creativity and Passion. No Gimmicks, no one size fits all.

Dan Rossmann

Hi! I have over 23 years of experience in the fitness industry. My lifelong passion is helping people reach their fitness goals.

I work with clients at every stage of life and fitness level. I help clients increase their strength, agility, flexibility and also assist with pain relief.

I also help athletes with Speed & Agility, Biomechanics and Injury Prevention.

I can help you too. Give me a call to begin a fitness journey personalized just for you and your goals.


Dan is a great instructor and is very passionate about your health and wellness. He can provide great exercises to help you increase your mobility, strength training, and tactical training specific to your athletic needs. Highly recommend meeting with him, no matter what your need.

Personal training is about more than weight loss, muscle building or getting in your 30 minutes. I am a personal trainer because I am committed to improving your quality of life. As your personal trainer I am your coach, your accountability partner and your fitness specialist. What we accomplish together will last you well beyond the gym

My Certifications

(National Federation of Professional Trainers)

(National Strength & Conditioning Association)

(International Board of Nutrition and Fitness Coaching)


Intentional. Targeted. Effective.

Fitness Training Hours

Monday-Friday: 5am - 6pm

Saturday: 6am - 10am

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